5 of the Best Business Travel Tech Accessories

Many of our clients travel for business – some travel a lot. If you have to be on the road for business, having the right pieces of tech can really help make the trip more productive and less stressful. Here are 5 great business travel accessories.

Bluesmart Cabin 22 Carry On. For the business traveler, a good carry-on is a must, but the latest version from Bluesmart gives more than a tough case that you can throw into an overhead bin.

The polycarbonate Cabin 22 includes a worldwide GPS tracker if your case ever disappears, a built-in charger energized by a 10K mAh built-in battery, and Bluetooth connectivity (weight, locking, etc). 9lbs, $599 www.bluesmart.com

Don’t want to spring for a new carry-on? Or maybe you’ve got a classic Zero case and don’t want to part with it. Then check out the Trakdot Luggage Tracker. Throw it in your bag and find it anywhere with your smartphone. $39.99 www.trakdot.com

If you have to do some serious computing work while traveling you know that a real mouse is very helpful. Pick up a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600. Small but fully functional – works with PCs or Macs. Black, Blue, & Red. $29.95, microsoft.com


How often have we been stuck in an airport and needed to charge portable equipment? Make sure you have a USB Wall Charger like this one from Power-7. No cords to deal with and you can easily charge two USB devices simultaneously from any outlet. $9.99/2 from Amazon.


And our 5th favorite is actually an application. Download the free AwardWallet app. It lets you track all frequent flyer miles, hotels, and credit card points in one location. You can even check your balances if you’re not online. Free, Android and iOS.


Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData