New Email Amex Scam – “Important: Personal Security Key”

Everyone be watching for this new scam. Users get an email with a subject line of ‘Important: Personal Security Key’. There’s a graphic with the text ‘Fraud Threats: How American Express Helps Protect You’ and some information and a request that you create a ‘Personal Security Key’. All this so that American Express can supposedly help protect you.

Of course, if you click on any of the links you’ll be taken to a bogus sight where the bad guys will try to trick you into entering your Amex card info and boom, the fraudulent charges will start rolling in.

The tip-off’s this is bogus? They are the same as usual:

  • Not personally addressed to the recipient
  • when you hover your mouse over the link for you can see that the destination if clicked is an entirely different site ( on several of the messages we’ve seen)
  • Formatting on parts of the message are amateurish

Remind your users; stop, think!



Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData