Cell Phone Scam – Alert your Users!

A nasty social engineering scam has surfaced combining a call to your cell phone along with a fake website. This one is pretty sophisticated – here’s how it works.

You get a call on your cell phone and the Caller ID appears to be from ‘Verizon Tech Support’ or ‘AT&T tech Support’ or similar. You hear a recording that your entitled to a voucher for your account for as much as $100. You are directed to a semi-legitimate sounding website that incorporates the voucher amount. Something like ‘ATTvoucher89.com’ for a promised $89 voucher.

When you go to the site it looks pretty good as the scammers have stolen all the legitimate site logos and text. You’re asked to enter your cell number, your account ID and password, and sometimes even the last 4-digits of your social. Give them all that and boom, they have what they need to begin a full identity theft.

Remember, NEVER TRUST CALLER ID – on any call. It’s easy to fake. And never act on calls or email messages offering you free stuff. There is no free lunch.

Thanks to our friends at Cyberheist News for passing this one along to us.

Everyone be careful out there!



Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData