Email Quarantine Scam

Be on the lookout for a new and more sophisticated phishing scam that has some clever hooks to catch your users. Here are the details.

You receive an email nicely formatted and with color and good grammar. It addresses you with a user name – typically the first part of your email address – and tells you that has ‘prevented the delivery of “x” new emails to your inbox…’. Here’s what it looks like:

But if you hover your mouse over the ‘View Emails’ button without clicking, you see that the actual destination is a ‘zombie’ server that’s hosting malicious code to infect your system.

Remind your users to Stop and Think before they click! And consider some formal Security Awareness Training for your end users such as included with all MicroData Managed Service Plans.

Everyone stay safe out there!

Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData