Have a Netgear Router? Heads up on a Massive IOT Attack

Over the weekend a massive IOT attack on unpatched Netgear DGN series routers was observed so if you have one or more of these devices and you haven’t updated it recently, you need to act ASAP.

The attacks have been primarily observed in the United States and India but has been reported in 75 other countries, too.

The attacks are completely automated and scan the Internet for the devices and if found, exploit a vulnerability to take over control of the routers and use them as Bots or as Crypto Coin Mining Zombies.

Netgear has released firmware updates that fix the vulnerability for all affected products but user action is required to apply the fixes. Specifically, you need to upgrade the Netgear software to DGN1000 / DGN2200 v3 or higher. Updates are available at the Netgear download center.

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Everyone stay safe out there!



Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData