Heads up! The Windows XP Scams Have Started

I wrote about a month ago that you should expect to start seeing the bad guys exploiting the end-of-support of Windows XP. They haven’t wasted any time and the latest tactic is particularly aggressive, so alert your users. Thanks to our friends at CyberheistNews for this latest tipoff. Here’s how this scam works.

The criminals either send an email or make unsolicited telephone calls and claim to be from Microsoft or your Help Desk. They then tell you a bit of truth about Windows XP being unsupported (which you already know if you’re running Windows XP and seeing the pop-ups telling you this) and then that there are exploits in Windows XP that can’t be fixed automatically anymore. But they then claim to have a patch they will manually apply if you give them access to your computer.

Once they’ve got onto the computer they ‘own’ it and can subsequently hack into the rest of the network with relative ease.

Remind your users that Microsoft and it’s partners never make unsolicited calls. If you get a call or email that purports to come from ‘Support’ or ‘Microsoft’ telling you that you need to do something, hang up and call your real IT support team.

Everyone be careful out there!


Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData