How Employees Bypass IT Security

Your company has installed the latest firewall with a costly subscription to keep it updated, you’ve got best-rated centrally managed antivirus and anti-malware software deployed, you’ve got clearly-written security policies in your employee manual and you hold quarterly meetings to go over the material, and you even conduct employee security awareness training for everyone. But then your company still gets hit with ransomware. What happened?

One answer is that your employees may simply be bypassing your security altogether. Here’s a common way we see this happen.

Let’s say you’ve got the perfect network setup including filtering web content like social media – think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. These are prime vectors for malicious linked content so it’s a good idea to restrict access in the workplace – aside from the wasted time factor.

Then you walk by Bob the accountant’s desk and see Facebook on his notebook screen? How did he do it? Is Bob actually a secret genius hacker? Actually no, he simply connected to the neighboring company’s guest wifi which has no filtering restrictions.

The takeaway? Like water finding a low point, employees will try and use technology to access what they want. So instead of focusing on individual, traditional protections, you need to deploy a comprehensive Unified Threat Management solution that anticipates all factors and reacts and updates to new threats as they emerge.

Using a foreign wifi network is only one of dozens of vulnerabilities we’ve identified. MicroData has a UTM solution that can be quickly and efficiently deployed in organizations of any size. Learn more on our website – and consider signing up for a free Dark Web scan & report or Network Security Threat Assessment at a special 70% off the regular price.

Everyone stay safe out there!

Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData