Internet Explorer Vulnerability and Windows XP

As I wrote a few weeks ago, if you’re still running Windows XP you are officially ‘on your own’ as it relates to updates and patches. Just this week a problem was reported with Internet Explorer and is a perfect example of what I meant.

A so-called ‘Zero Day’ bug was found with most versions of Internet Explorer. If exploited it would allow an attacker to control a computer with the same rights as the person using it.

Microsoft will patch this as it routinely does with other issues – usually on ‘Patch Tuesday’ – Microsoft’s monthly security update release process. If they feel it important enough they’ll release a patch sooner – what they refer to as ‘out-of-cycle’.

But if you’re computer has Windows XP you won’t receive any patches or updates as they won’t be released for that OS. So if you still have Windows XP systems that you’re using, really think about moving them to Windows 7/8 ASAP.




Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData