Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities: Important Update

A few days ago I wrote about the Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities and immediate recommended steps to take to mitigate the security problems created by these hardware bugs. Microsoft has already released some updates for the vulnerabilities along with their regular group of monthly patches, but some actions on your part may be required in order to successfully deploy these fixes.

Specifically, Microsoft is changing how they release updates. They will now check for a setting on each computer that will verify compatibility of the installed antivirus software with the operating system and to-be-installed patch. This is necessary because without this setting the antivirus software will block needed updates causing them to fail. Because the update is being blocked by the antivirus software, it’s up to the AV manufacturer to make sure this setting is present and correct.

Actions to Take: Expect antivirus manufacturers to start releasing updates to their products to take care of this issue. Trend Micro has just released a critical update to address this issue and more information is available on the Trend website.

For users running the current version of Webroot (9.0.19.x), no updates are required.

If your organization runs any other antivirus software applications, please check with the manufacturer or contact us for assistance.

And remember, these fixes I’m talking about today are only associated with Microsoft’s operating systems. For Apple, Linux, and other operating systems, contact your respective manufacturer for assistance. And also be sure to check with your hardware manufacturer for almost certain-to-be-released firmware updates and other important related news.

Note: For MicroData clients with Complete, Select, and Business Care service agreements, no action is required on your part. MicroData has already taken all necessary steps for you.

Everyone stay safe out there!


Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData