New Google Spoof Attack Hitting Hard

We’ve recently seen a large quantity of spoofed messages, supposedly from Google. If an unsuspecting user clicks on any link in the message they are taken to a malware-laced website which will try and install malicious code on the user’s system. Here’s what you should look for.

The fake email messages all involve Google services in one form or another, include a Google logo, and tell the recipient that some sort of action is required or something bad will happen. Here’s an example:

Clicking on any link anywhere in the message will take the user to a fake ‘Google’ page which will try to induce the user to enter credentials and also will attempt to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities on the workstation and install malware.

Remind your users to stop and think before they click.

And remember the best way to equip your users to resist these types of attacks is get Security Awareness Training. All MicroData Managed Service Plans now include SA Training at no additional cost and standalone Security Awareness Training is available, too. Contact us for more information.

Everyone stay safe out there!

Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData