Ransomware Comes to the Mac

Researchers at Malwarebytes, a leading security firm, recently reported that they have found a strain of ransomware targeting Safari users. When users visit a website that’s been infected with the malicious code, their browsers are hijacked and they receive a message claiming to come from the FBI.

The message tries to scare the user with an official looking format saying that their ‘browser has been blocked’ because their computer was used to violate copyright laws, view porn, or it had tried to hack into some system illegally. In some cases it’s being reported that the system is infected with malware and users are being coerced into paying a fee to remove the threat.

The scam demands $300 from the victim that can be paid through Green Dot MoneyPack by purchasing a pre-paid card and then transferring it to the scammers.

According to Malwarebytes, if you get hit by this threat don’t try to do a ‘force quit’ on the page – Safari will auto-restore the page when it comes back up. Instead, click on the “Safari’ tab on the navigation bar and choose ‘Reset Safari’ ensuring all the boxes are checked. Then hit ‘Reset’.

Everyone be careful out there!


Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData