Stolen iPhone Scam

A new sneaky scam is out there targeting iPhone users. Thanks to our friends at KNowBe4 for this tip.

This scam is proving effective because users are generally pretty upset about losing their phone and often not thinking calmly. So here’s how it goes.

You iPhone is lost or stolen so you jump online and turn on the Find My iPhone Activation Lock. In no time you receive an email  message that the phone has been found but you need to go to a website to verify your Apple ID. You do this and boom, you’ve just given the thieves your account info so they can unlock your phone. Your phone is now for sale somewhere.

The bad guys can do this because an iMessage can always be sent to the address that the phone says it has been locked by.

What’s catching people is that they aren’t noticing the ‘From’ on the email message they receive is spoofed (faked). So make sure you tell your users that if they lose their phone and receive an email message, don’t take any action it suggests. Instead get in touch with your company’s IT department to report the loss.

Everyone stay safe out there!


Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData