Ashley Madison Scams: Warn your Users!

As probably everyone has heard by know, the hackers that stole over 35 millions records from the Ashley Madison site have now posted all the records for everyone to see.

The bad guys will be coming after users in a number of ways; phishing attacks, fake websites where you can ‘check if your spouse has been cheating on you’, or ‘verification’ if your own affair has come to light.

As you would probably expect, any of these 35 million users is a target and will probably be tempted to respond to threats to out them. So what can you do? We along with our friends at CyberHeistNews suggest sending out the following message to your employees and friends:

“Yesterday 35 million names, addresses and phone numbers of registered users at the Ashley Madison site (which makes it easy to cheat on your spouse) were posted on the Internet. All these records are now public, exposing highly sensitive personal information.

Internet criminals are going to aggressively exploit this in many ways, sending spam, phishing and possibly blackmail messages, using social engineering tactics to make people click on links or open infected attachments. Be on the lookout for threatening email messages which slip through spam filters that have anything to do with Ashley Madison, or that refer to cheating spouses and delete them immediately, in the office or at home.”

Everyone stay safe out there!