Microsoft Releases IE 11 for Windows 7

Microsoft has formally released Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 users. You can download and install at

What’s new? To start, about a 10% speed improvement which is always welcome. But Microsoft has also added quite a few other useful items & features:

  • Improved touch support for tablets
  • Much faster javascript performance. Microsoft claims faster than Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. We’re not sure of any actual numbers but it is much quicker
  • Tighter security. IE 11 is much more savvy about protecting you from social engineered malware – see report here. For this reason alone it’s worthwhile as an upgrade.
  • A more fluid interface. This is actually quite nice – manipulation of windows and objects is very graceful and seamless

Worth getting? We think so. And while you can manually download today, Microsoft will automatically push the new version out to users over the next several weeks.

Make sure you test compatibility with older browser-based apps before rolling out company wide.