MicroData Re-appointed as Microsoft Educational Partner

I’m pleased to announce MicroData’s re-appointment for the 19th straight year as a Microsoft Education Partner.

To be a MEP requires that an organization demonstrate technical expertise in Microsoft technologies by appointment as a Microsoft Partner and then testing backed up by customer references demonstrating expertise in Microsoft Academic products and licensing.

For any organization that isn’t aware of the advantages of Microsoft Academic licensing, the program offers extremely generous discounts to both Primary and Secondary academic institutions – public and private.

I had the privilege of teaching as a Senior Lecturer in Management Information Systems at Boston’s Northeastern University for many years and I continue to enjoy helping educational institutions of any size and type with their important mission. If you know of a school that could use assistance with any facet of information technology, please have them contact me directly.



Office 365 Personal Edition

Just announced by Microsoft is their Office 365 Personal Edition. It’s basically Office 365 but now in a single-user version.

Office 365 Personal Edition will let the user install Office 365 on one PC/Mac and one tablet. Pricing is reported to be $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month.

Office 365 Home is still here too, priced at $99.99 per year but allowing installations on up to 5 PCs/Macs, and 5 smartphones.

This pretty well completes Microsoft’s move to offer everything they have in a subscription model. How well the marketplace responds to this is yet to be seen but Microsoft certainly isn’t the first to pursue recurring payments from customers for products and services.

Our recommendation? If you’re a home user make sure you explore all your licensing possibilities especially if you have a student living with you as there are special student options. If you’re a business you have many options for licensing and renting (yes, you can rent server and desktop software on a month-to-month basis), so talk to a Microsoft licensing professional to get more information before you act.



MicroData’s President Glenn Mores Featured in CityTownInfo.com

MicroData’s President Glenn Mores was featured today in a story published in CityTownInfo.com, a web-based resource for information and analysis on US places, careers, and colleges. The story, A Call to End College Essays: Constructive Move or Cop-Out?, examined a controversial proposal by Rebecca Shuman in Slate magazine where she called for an end to assigning essays in college courses. As both a Senior Lecturer in MIS at Boston’s Northeastern University and also the President of MicroData, Mr. Mores was asked to provide a unique, dual perspective encompassing both the teacher and the employer.

CityTownInfo.com is owned by QuinStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ: QNST) and is headquartered in Foster City, CA. Read the article here.