Snowpocalypse? It’s Just One More Disaster to Prepare For

This last Monday we received a foot of wet, heavy snow. We New Englander’s took it in stride – this winter hasn’t been that bad, but I do remember thinking about the power possibly going out from falling trees and limbs. Being without power at home in the winter isn’t much fun. And as a business owner or manager, what would your business do without power? This is another type of disaster you need to be ready for. And we have the solution.

MicroData SafeGuard is a complete backup and disaster recovery solution for businesses of all sizes. When you lose a server (or servers) or critical workstations, SafeGuard quickly brings up virtual on-premises replacements. And if your offices are without power, heat, water – or worse – SafeGuard will bring up replacement virtual servers and workstations in the Cloud within minutes so your employees can work from anywhere.

And for about the same cost as simple Cloud backup solutions, SafeGuard can do much more. And installation and setup is 50% off for new customers in March.

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Everyone stay safe out there!

The Polar Vortex and a Big Misunderstanding about Data Backups

Chicago -23F, Cotton, Minnesota -56F, Minneapolis -28F, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -30F . What do all these bitter cold temperatures have to do with data backups at your business? Two words: Disaster Recovery

Pretty much anyone knows that they should be backing up servers and critical business systems. But here’s something many business owners & managers don’t know: simply having a backup of your data is NOT ENOUGH to guarantee you could be back up and running quickly in the event of a disaster. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say your employees can’t get to work because of the extreme cold. Or perhaps more likely, because of the extreme cold several fire sprinkler or water pipes in your office freeze and burst ruining your office and everything in it – including servers, routers, switches, and PCs. What do you do?

You were smart and have been backing up your servers to the Cloud. Great! But now you realize you have two big problems; it will take days to download the backed up data or have the vendor copy it all to a portable hard drive and mail it to you. And then once you get it, you’ll need to purchase/rent new servers and networking equipment, find a temporary location to run your business from, and then successfully build and restore the data. Best case scenario? Maybe 3-4 days if nothing goes wrong.

This is why a Disaster Recovery solution is much more than just a backup (although it can also replace your current backup solution). With a true DR solution like MicroData’s SafeGuard, complete virtual server(s) of failed systems can be brought online in the Cloud in minutes and your employees can go back to work from anywhere.

MicroData SafeGuard often costs little more than a simple Cloud backup product, so implementing a true DR solution – and getting the piece of mind that comes with being prepared – doesn’t have to be expensive.

And through February we’re offering 50% off the regular setup charge for MicroData SafeGuard. Learn more or contact us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions or evaluate your current backup/disaster recovery setup.

Everyone stay safe (and warm) out there!

MicroData SafeGuard = Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery for Information Technology basically means this; what does your business do when a critical server fails due to a mechanical or electrical problem? Or worse, how does your business recover if that critical server gets destroyed in a fire or flood? Sure, you can restore to a good backup but that can take hours with a local backup (if it also hasn’t been destroyed) or days if you’re using a cloud-based backup solution.

MicroData’s SafeGuard is a 2-part solution. The first part is a MicroData server (like the one below) that gets deployed at your location and takes a snapshot of your server(s) every 15 minutes. If your server(s) goes down for whatever reason, SafeGuard mounts a virtual server of your failed server and everyone goes back to work – often in as little as 15 minutes.

And what happens if that pipe in the ceiling bursts or a fire breaks out destroying everything? SafeGuard covers you by replicating it’s backups to the MicroData data center here in Beverly. We then put the latest snapshot onto a replacement SafeGuard server, deliver it to your temporary work location, and bring up a virtual server with data from the last snapshot.

Here’s a SafeGuard server getting prepped to protect a customer. Contact us to learn more.

MicroData SafeGuard Server
MicroData SafeGuard Server