E-ZPass Email Scam

In a relatively new twist, we’re now seeming a phishing scam by the bad guys centered around the popular E-ZPass toll system. Here’s how it works.

You receive an email with a subject line of ‘Indebted for driving on toll road’ or something similar. The message itself has an official looking E-ZPass logo and a brief message claiming that you have failed to pay tolls and that you need to take care of it right away.

Of course, there’s a link which if clicked takes you to a fake website where you are asked to verify your account by entering your credit card info.

The giveaways that it’s bogus? Poor grammar, non-personally addressed, a direct link to a document rather than a request that you just log in to your account normally, and if you hover your mouse over the included link, you’ll see that the destination has nothing to do with E-ZPass.

Remind your users to stop and think before they respond to email messages.