1971 Disruptive Technology Event That Changed History

In October 1971, a programmer working on a secret government project called ARPANET did something new. He sent the first-ever email message.

The programmer was Ray Tomlinson and according to later interviews, nobody asked him to do it and he didn’t think much of it at the time. He just thought it was neat.

It took over¬†2 years for people to grasp the fundamental paradigm change represented by¬†Tomlinson’s vision. By that time, more than 70% of all ARPANET traffic was email.

Today, 2.5 million email messages per second are sent on ARPANET’s successor – the Internet.

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‘Tiket Alert’ Email Scam – Heads Up!

Tell your users to be on the alert for an email message with a subject line containing ‘Tiket alert’. It has a .zip attachment with a filename of tiket_number.zip that, if opened, infects the system with malware. Users should just delete the entire email.

Remember to stop and think.

Everyone stay safe out there!