Don’t Let This Happen to Your Company

Employees come and go – but in this case a departing employee took thousands of confidential supplier and customer records from the sports-apparel firm Fanatics when he left to join a rival company.

How did he do it? It wasn’t an elaborate hack. He simply grabbed one of Fanatics’ own flash drives and copied the data from his password protected company laptop. He planned to share the data with his new employer. And because Fanatics is a $3 billion company, the stolen data was worth a lot.

This type of employee behavior is difficult to monitor and control – unless you have a MicroData Managed Service Plan. Every MicroData MSP includes our exclusive Ransomware Guardian toolset that lets you implement a variety of user controls including the ability restrict the use of Flash drives on a company, group, or individual basis. And yes, it also includes the ability to restrict the use of web-based file sharing services like DropBox™ and OneDrive™.

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IBM Bans all Removable Storage

If you’re looking for good examples of safe cyber security policy, take note of IBM’s recent actions.

In an advisory to employees, IBM Global Chief Information Security Office Shamla Naidoo said that the company is “expanding the practice of prohibiting data transfer to all removable portable storage devices.” This will include USB, SD cards, flash drives, etc.

Why are they taking this step? According to Naidoo, “the possible financial and reputational damage from misplaced, lost or misused removable portable storage devices must be minimised.” Or in other words, it’s just not worth the risk.

IBM will have employees use it’s own synchronization application service for moving data around.

The takeaway for your business? Only let your employees use approved removable storage devices that are trackable and managed, and don’t permit use of non-secure and unmanageable Cloud storage services.

Every MicroData Managed Service Plan includes our exclusive Ransomware Guardian – a suite of cybersecurity tools with functionality that includes limiting and managing removable storage and restricting the use of Cloud-based file sharing services. And our SecureCloud Sync service provides Cloud-based file sharing but without the risks inherent in consumer-grade solutions like DropBox™ or OneDrive™.