Data Mishandling Could Cost CA Hospital $25,000 per Patient Record

Think that professional IT services are expensive? How about the cost of your current provider making a mistake? Last month a California state court judge finalized the highest ever per-plaintiff cash settlement in a data breach case. St. Joseph Health System, based in Irvine, is set to pay upwards of $28 million to settle a 31,074-member class action. The dispute arose out of a 2012 incident that exposed over 31,000 patient records to the Internet. The cause was not malware in this case but rather simple mis-configuration of the hospital’s intranet.

The takeaway? Security for your network and data needs to be one of your highest priorities. Even a small business can have thousands of customer records with sensitive information that must be secured.

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HIPAA Technology Assessment Promo

MicroData is pleased to introduce our comprehensive HIPAA Information Technology Assessment service. This is the first solution of its kind; it integrates the mountain of network data that must be collected for the required annual HIPAA Risk Analysis and combines it with photos, observations, and required supplemental data.

If your organization works with patient data or if you work with the IT systems of a company that is required to be HIPAA compliant, then you are required to perform at least an annual IT Assessment.

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