New Data Center is Live!

While not 100% finished, our new data center is live with the first server cluster installed and running. The second empty rack you see will be for customer’s hosted physical servers. A third rack (not yet present) will be for some of our own internal equipment.


And yes, it’s snowing again…



MicroData’s New Data Center – Update!

For those of you following the build out of our new data center, the walls are up, windows and door are in, and a new 3-ton AC unit is scheduled to be installed Thursday. Biometric security access system is set to be installed early next week.

Data Center Work Continues
Data Center Work Continues




New Private Cloud Cluster Taking Shape

Our Private Cloud business is booming and we’re in the process of building both a new larger data center and several racks full of equipment to keep up with demand. Here’s a picture of the first rack of equipment getting set up.

New Cluster Taking Shape

If anyone is interested in the technical details, we’re using HP ProLiant servers for the nodes running Windows 2012 R2 Enterprise and a Promise SAN.

We’ll post more pictures and updates as work progresses this month.


MicroData’s Private Cloud Service Now Available!

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s hard to believe October is already over so get ready for winter (if you’re with us in New England, that is).

With the arrival of November we’re very excited to announce availability of our Private Cloud service. If you like the idea of moving some or all of your organization’s data to the cloud but have concerns over security, privacy, and migration issues, Private Cloud is for you!

With MicroData Private Cloud service your data and applications are moved to the cloud, but your organization maintains exclusive access. In other words, your information isn’t co-mingled with anyone else’s. And everything is securely stored at our Beverly Massachusetts data center – never overseas or with someone you don’t know.

And because everything is stored with MicroData, you get the full technical skills of MicroData engineers to migrate, deploy, and support your new Private Cloud environment.

MicroData’s Private Cloud service is available now and as a special November introductory offer, we’re offering your first month of Private Cloud for free.

To learn more, call us at 800.924.8167 or visit us on the web at