Lessons from the AWS Outage

There’s an old joke in the IT industry that goes like this; “What’s a computer without electricity? A paperweight.” There’s a similar truth about Cloud services and last weeks outage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) served as a vivid reminder. AWS is used for delivery of many core Internet services and applications and many of the world’s largest enterprises and many important public institutions rely on its infrastructure to keep the digital universe humming along. So a multi-hour outage ended up taking down a significant portion of the Internet.

Disrupted services included Adobe, 1Password, Autodesk, Glassdoor, Flickr, Roku, Coinbase, DataCamp, and the Washington Post (plus many others). And as so many services tie into AWS, even basic household items such as those provided by iRobot and Ring were affected.

So what lessons can be learned? First, the use of Cloud services offers many conveniences but these services are still provided by computers. No matter how much redundancy, problems can and will arise. So businesses need to plan accordingly.

Second, if you scan the fine print of most common Cloud-based storage and email services, you find that data integrity isn’t guaranteed. So you should plan for a Plan B ‘just in case.’

Finally, your corporate Disaster Recovery plan should include what your company will do in the event of the loss or corruption of Cloud data. In this case the outage only lasted a few hours, but what would you do if an outage lasted 24 hours?

It may be worth exploring the concept of Hybrid-Cloud computing for your business. This model can minimize the impact of a failure in any one area and provide additional redundancies to assist with responding to disasters and unplanned events.

Welcome to 2020!

The Cloud Domino Effect

Yesterday around lunchtime, Amazon’s eastern web services went down and stayed down until about 4:15 in the afternoon.

Many users learned that their Cloud services utilized Amazon’s web services. Netflix, Reddit, Slack, Pinterest, and many other major companies were affected by this outage. This is what I call the domino effect of the Cloud – most Cloud services utilize other Cloud services as part of their solution.

From a user perspective, if you make use of a Cloud-based service and it goes down, you can break out a deck of cards. There are no workarounds and nothing that you can do to fix it.

Are there options that can keep you working? The answer is ‘Yes’. And you might be surprised to learn that these options can often cost quite a bit less and offer greater flexibility than the Cloud in some circumstances. Learn more about Hybrid-Cloud or other premises services at www.microdata.com


MicroData on CBS Small Business Pulse

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Another Hybrid-Cloud Deployment

We just finished another Hybrid-Cloud deployment for a customer, this time utilizing an HP Microserver for the on-premises component.

HP Microserver
HP Microserver

Not familiar with Hydrid-Cloud? It’s a combination of local, on-premises equipment combined with Cloud resources. For many organizations the advantages are greater control over data, much faster performance, and substantially reduced monthly subscription costs.

In this case the project also took care of replacing old, unsupported software, increased security with a new firewall, and greatly increased secure remote access.

The HP Microserver is a favorite for SMB. Tiny, virtually silent, and inexpensive.








HP Microserver!

Another HP Microserver is getting ready to go to a customer. These are great solutions for a small business and for a hybrid-cloud option. Small, virtually silent, and uses less power than a typical light bulb. But powerful enough to run the latest versions of Windows Server!

HP Microserver
HP Microserver

Did you know that your organization can rent a Microserver from MicroData for as little as $49/month? Give us a call if you’d like to learn more. 800.924.8167