Beware Tax-Season Scams

It’s tax season and the bad guys will use this opportunity to try and scam you – both by email and telephone. Last year over 360,000 people received harassing phone calls demanding payments and threatening jail. And there were millions of similar bogus emails.

By telephone, the routine is that you get a call supposedly from the IRS demanding payment for an overdue balance. The criminals will often even have the last 4-digits of your Social Security number to try and convince you they are legit. They demand¬†immediate payment of the ‘overdue balance’ or threaten you with arrest. Typically payment is requested via Western Union or MoneyGram – both of which are very hard to trace.

The email messages are similar but will add a link to a site where you can ‘make payment’.

The IRS never initiates official business via telephone or email. They will always send a letter.

So if you get one of these phone calls just hang up. And delete the email messages, too.

Everyone stay safe out there!