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Stories this month include an in-depth look at financial relief for small businesses with PPP 2.0, our new Office 365 Management service plan, an unlimited-capacity Cloud backup special, and tips for using Multi-Factor Authentication.

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How to Lose $31,000

In this July’s MicroOutlook, we show the real email messages from an organization that actually lost $31,000 from CEO Fraud. We’ll also explain what CEO Fraud is and how to keep your company from becoming a victim. And yes, small businesses are targets.

And are you aware that Windows 7 is end-of-life at the end of this year? That means no more security patches, updates, and support. Before you groan too much, the good news is that a direct upgrade to Windows 10 is possible for most systems and MicroData is offering a promotional 7-to-10 upgrade service.

And speaking of Windows 10, check out our some of our favorite Windows 10 tips-and-tricks.

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March MicroOutlook & a Free Dark Web Scan and Report

The March edition of MicroOutlook has been published and you can download a free PDF copy here.

Stories this month include and in-depth review of why Cloud Backups aren’t a substitute for a true Disaster Recovery solution, an article on ‘Leadership and the Art of Performance’, and Tech Tips on using Android devices.

And if you’ve been curious about whether your company’s confidential user info is for sale out on the Dark Web, through the end of March we’re offering a free Dark Web scan and report for any business.

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