Microsoft revamps Edge browser – here’s what’s new

New browser, new logo

Microsoft’s Edge browser first appeared in 2015 and the new, second generation of Edge has just been released and it’s entirely re-worked from the old version. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new and also the download link if you’re ready to check it out.

The biggest change is that Microsoft has switched the core engine in Edge to the Chromium engine developed by Google. Chromium is open source, meaning its free and available to anyone to use. It’s also the foundation for the Brave and Opera browsers.

By switching to the Chromium engine, all plug-ins for Chrome will work without modification in the new Edge. This is becoming more important in a Cloud-centric world where the browser is increasingly being called upon to manage the user experience. This will also make developers happy as it’s one less platform that they have to create for.

According to Microsoft, the new browser is available for Windows macOS, Android, and iOS. If you’d like to install it now, you can do so here.

In our testing we’ve found the new Edge to be speedy and stable – as we’d expect. It will readily import all your favorites, history, and passwords from your current browser and using your Microsoft account you can automatically sync multiple browsers.

We’ve tried a bunch of plug-ins including ad blockers, O365, news/media add-ins, and some development tool hooks and everything has worked flawlessly so far.