Dual-screen Android Smartphone from Microsoft

After a 4-year break, Microsoft is jumping back into the smartphone business but this time with a couple significant changes; their new phone will be running Android 10 and the phone, called the Surface Duo, will be a dual screen/dual battery folding design.

Other manufacturers have tried hinged or folding phones before but they have never been able to stand up to the harsh realities of actual use. Microsoft has gone at it differently by using an actual strong hinge to accomplish the fold. The result is that the dual 5.6″ AMOLED screens can combine to yield a huge 8.1″ diagonal display. The combined resolution is 2,700 x 1,880 pixels.

Also interesting is that the hinge swivels a full 360-degrees which means it can open partway like a book, flat like a tablet, or even bend back-to-back. Portrait or landscape modes are selectable.

Microsoft has also designed this smartphone to be a multitasker. It has the power and capability to run two apps side-by-side. So think of a video conference running on one screen while you surf the web on the other.

The 11-MP camera should produce nice results and the the phone can be had with either 128GB or 256GB of storage space. Interestingly, there are two batteries or about 3,600 mAh each. Weight is just under 9-ounces and when closed the Duo is only 5.7″ tall and 3.66″ wide. Thickness is just under 10mm (a little more than 1/3″)

The Surface Duo will be available September 10 with pricing starting at $1,399 and supporting all major cell carriers.