HP 400 All-in-One’s Have Arrived!

Just in the shop for a customer – nearly 20 of the recently released HP 400-series all-in-one systems. The computer is built into the monitor so these save a ton of space. Plus, they are completely silent when operating. Built-in camera for Skype or Lync videoconferencing.

Electricity savings compared to a 5-year old clunker completely pays for these in a couple of years.

HP 400 AiO
HP 400 AiO



Personal Computers Making a Comeback

A recent report from Gartner about shipments of PC’s, Tablets, Ultramobile, and Mobile Phone shipments sheds some light on what technologies people are using. And what’s interesting is that we are seeing a revitalization¬†in traditional desktops with an actual forecast increase in PC shipments of 5.3% in 2015. This meshes with HP’s recent announcement that they are seeing activity up in their Personal Systems Group.

So what about tablets and smartphones? It seems that as that technology matures growth has slowed. We’ve seen these same trends here at MicroData.

What’s driving this shift? We believe that while portables and smartphones continue to have utility, for the worker that has to go to the office every day and work on a spreadsheet, a desktop computer is still a much more useful solution. Like any new technology, tablets and smartphones had a certain momentum when they were new because they were different. It appears that ‘shine’ has worn off now.