MicroData SafeGuard = Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery for Information Technology basically means this; what does your business do when a critical server fails due to a mechanical or electrical problem? Or worse, how does your business recover if that critical server gets destroyed in a fire or flood? Sure, you can restore to a good backup but that can take hours with a local backup (if it also hasn’t been destroyed) or days if you’re using a cloud-based backup solution.

MicroData’s SafeGuard is a 2-part solution. The first part is a MicroData server (like the one below) that gets deployed at your location and takes a snapshot of your server(s) every 15 minutes. If your server(s) goes down for whatever reason, SafeGuard mounts a virtual server of your failed server and everyone goes back to work – often in as little as 15 minutes.

And what happens if that pipe in the ceiling bursts or a fire breaks out destroying everything? SafeGuard covers you by replicating it’s backups to the MicroData data center here in Beverly. We then put the latest snapshot onto a replacement SafeGuard server, deliver it to your temporary work location, and bring up a virtual server with data from the last snapshot.

Here’s a SafeGuard server getting prepped to protect a customer. Contact us to learn more.

MicroData SafeGuard Server
MicroData SafeGuard Server