Social Media Gotcha

You need to exercise a new degree of care with social media posts – both personal and corporate. Specifically, you have to watch that you and your users don’t make posts that can enable criminal activity. Let me explain.

You have probably already heard the good advice about not letting newspapers pile up on your front steps when you’re away, but in this era of instant electronic communications, criminals aren’t interested in driving around neighborhoods any longer. They now routinely cruise social media looking for opportunities. Today, an estimated 75% of burglars use social media to find potential targets. So posting those pictures while you’re on vacation or out for the evening isn’t a good idea. Either is providing details onlineĀ about that expensive new piece of equipment the company just purchased. Aside from potentially having property stolen, there’s now a new gotcha; insurance companies are now actively using online activity to decide coverage and claims. What’s the basis for doing this? It’s a clause in the insurance contracts known as ‘reasonable care.’ Reasonable care means not doing anything reckless that would make you or your company a target.

So here are some simple guidelines for both personal and corporate social media usage:

  • Turn off your location. Disable electronic’s GPS unless you’re actively using it and also turn off location tagging.
  • Don’t post real-time. Put up pictures after a vacation or the details of the CEO’s Asian trip after they get back.
  • Don’t display high value items. Why make it easier for the bad guys?
  • Never post identifiable info online. This includes addresses, your auto’s license plate, etc.
  • Check privacy settings. Take some time to investigate what the settings are on your social media accounts. Facebook in particular updates its privacy settings on occasion and many of the defaults are quite open.

Everyone stay safe out there!