Windows Server 2003 Survey: Shocking Findings

AppZero surveyed Fortune 1000 companies and reports that the majority won’t finish migrating away from Windows 2003 Server before the End of Service Date (July 14). And while we all know that projects can slip, the statistics from the report are surprisingly depressing:

  • Almost half (47%) are not even aware of the EOS date or have no plans (yet) for remediation
  • Only 21% of respondents have a remediation plan in place
  • Security compliance and vulnerability management remains the largest concern (>50%)
  • Fully one quarter (25%) of respondents still have more than 500+ Windows Server 2003 machines

So even with the multiple years of announcements from Microsoft and warnings from industry writers and support professionals, many organization are clearly going to be caught. As you can imagine the scammers are already gleefully planning to exploit these machines.

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