Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

For those¬†of us that are long-term computer users, we’ve learned many tricks to make our interactions¬†a bit easier. And one big convenience to anyone that actually knows how to type are keyboard shortcuts. If you haven’t yet transitioned to Windows 10, you’ll be pleased to know that your favorite keyboard shortcuts are still there – plus, there are some new helpful shortcuts that Microsoft has given us. Here’s a sampling of some of these new shortcuts:

  • Windows Logo Key + A, Open Action Center
  • Windows Logo Key + S, Open Search
  • Windows Logo Key + C, Open Cortana in listening mode
  • Windows Logo Key + Tab, Open Task View
  • Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + D, Add a virtual desktop
  • Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + Left Arrow, Switch between virtual desktops on the left
  • Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + Right Arrow, Switch between virtual desktops on the right

And some old favorites:

  • Ctrl + C, Copy the selected item
  • Ctrl + X, Cut the selected item
  • Ctrl + V, Paste the selected item
  • Ctrl + Z, Undo an action
  • Alt + Tab, Switch between open apps
  • Alt + F4, Close the active item
  • Windows Logo Key + L, Lock your computer
  • Windows Logo Key + D, Display and hide the Desktop