Use Google Chrome Incognito?

Chrome is a very popular browser and offers users a feature called ‘Incognito’ mode that claims to allow users to browse the web privately. It’s a popular feature.

There’s a problem, however. Incognito browsing isn’t private.

New revelations show that Google still tracks everything and collects behavioral surveillance on consumers, even when they think they are using a privacy feature. Now users want to hold Google to account.

A $5 billion class action lawsuit has just been brought against Google. And rather than just another headline, this one has an interesting angle. The lawsuit alleges that Google has violated the Federal Wiretap Act. The FWA allows users the right to sue if their private conversations are unlawfully monitored.

For those of us that work in technology we’re not too surprised at Google’s actions. Fundamentally, they are a company that collects, processes, and sells behavioral data. To date, they really haven’t been held to account for their practices – but this lawsuit may change that. I think it has a fighting chance in court.

And if the class action prevails against Google it will set a new precedent for data surveillance. Companies like Google and Facebook would be significantly affected because their businesses revolve around this practice. In 2019, 83% of Google’s revenue came from serving ads based on behavioral data.

Everyone stay safe out there!

Author: Glenn Mores

President & CEO MicroData